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Cosmo Restaurant

Operating Hours: Open Daily, 11.30am - 8pm

  • Untitled-8
    belacan chicken with rice
    deep-fried marinated chicken with shrimp paste
  • Untitled-7
    Milanese Chicken Burger
    deep-fried marinated chicken, lemon garlic mayonnaise, romaine lettuce, gherkin, tomato, cheese
  • Untitled-9
    Creamy Salmon Penne Florentine
    penne pasta, salmon, baby spinach, dill, garlic

Cosmo Bar & CoffeeWorks

Operating Hours: Open Daily, 11.30am to 11pm (Closed due to Covid-19)

  • Untitled-12
    Bottled Beer
    Start from $8
  • Untitled-10
    Housepour wine
    Start from $11
  • Untitled-11
    specialty cocktail
    Start from $15

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Delivery Options

Cosmo is now offering Island-Wide Services (Oddle) & Combo Meal Delivery (GrabFood)! Order your favorite food with your preferred third party delivery platform now!!!